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A time bomb – literally!

Next world war could be fought over food and water!!!

World population too big to feed by 2050

There are more hungry people in the world now than at any time since 1970. As demand-supply imbalances are expected to increase, shortage of food is also likely to cause problems such as conflict, mass migration, and even war.

Food crisis, faster than climate change

When experts talk about the coming food crisis, the date they fixate upon is 2030. By then, our numbers will be approaching 9 billion and we will need to produce 50% more food than we do now.

The Earth losing its fertile soil

The Earth has lost one-third of topsoil in 40 years. If you compare Earth’s history to a calendar year then we (humans) have only existed for about 37 minutes – and we have used 33% of Earth’s entire natural resources in the last 0.2 seconds!

fresh roots hydroponic
Our Mission

Every House
Green House

Our mission is to help people grow their own food using hydroponic technology in any available space and to bring a culture of having a farm in every house, office, school, etc.

Houefarm envisions a future in which every house has a farm and a culture in which every building, including commercial spaces such as offices, malls, airports, schools, etc has a dedicated floor or space to grow food.

Green It

Choose the Right Planter

Housefarm offers three different planter systems, allowing you to grow according to your needs and making it possible for you to grow your own greens even with minimum or no space available. With the help of our planters, grow plants with no soil, 90% less water, 60% more yield, and faster growth compared to traditional farming. Housefarm hydroponic sysytem can help you grow at any level, whether it’s a house or a farm, there’s no limit to what you grow, and where you grow.


Housefarm Planters

Housefarm planters are customizable in size, can grow up to 8-80 plants per planter, and are fully automated.

Housefarm planter systems can be used indoors or outdoors, in a greenhouse, or inside a building with grow lights. It also thrives on rooftops and is built to withstand high winds in stormy weather!

Perfect for beginners or experienced growers, gardens, offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, cafeterias, convention centers, buildings, malls, airports, large families, and so on.

Regardless of the scope and size of your project, Housefarm can help you in planning your farm and/or designing your greenhouse!


Grow your food anywhere

Grow your food anywhere, basically how using hydroponic farming anybody can grow food in their home, etc, and how simple it is to grow anywhere we want. Growing fruits and vegetables are not rocket science, especially since the development of a variety of novel...

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Grow Your Own Food

“Eat, Sleep, Work and Repeat” as the famous mantra goes, also states “eat” as the first and foremost step of one’s daily routine. It can be inferred that to carry out the everyday task with utmost productivity, zest, and enthusiasm, it is important that we provide our...

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Contact us to set up Indoor and outdoor hydroponic farms

Do you want to grow your first hydroponic vegetables? Not sure where to begin? Fill out the form and we will assist you in starting your amazing hydroponic journey.

1. What is hydroponic?

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil by supplying essential nutrients to the roots directly through the water.

2. How can a plant grow without soil?

Plants necessarily don’t need soil, they need essential nutrients to grow. Traditional farming focus on giving nutrients to the soil whereas hydroponic directly gives nutrients to the roots of the plants.

3. Is a hydroponic system set up expensive?

No! Hydroponic investment will be one of your smartest and most sustainable investments.

4. Why should I grow my own greens?
  • Homegrown food contains no chemical pesticides.
  • Its more Nutritious
  • Save Money
  • Good for the health & environment
  • They Taste better
  • Seasonal and fresh
5. Hydroponic seems very complicated?

Hydroponic technology is the advanced and easiest method to grow your own food. Grow it and you will know it.

6. Do I need any special training to install and maintain the planter?

No! However, we are only a call away if you have any queries.

7. Where do I buy seeds, nutrients, and essentials?

We will provide sample seeds and nutrients for the first crop. After that, you can purchase from us or any online or offline store.

8. How long does it take for us to get the harvest?

Plants mature in 4-6 weeks after germinating, depending on the variety. Many crops will regrow on a weekly basis after harvesting.

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